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Environmental Studies

Minor in Environmental Studies

The environmental studies minor (reference number 363) is designed to provide a broad-based intellectual foundation for students interested in pursuing careers in environmental management and related areas. The minor is intended for natural science majors, as well as for students majoring in business, psychology, journalism, and other social science and humanities disciplines.

Requirements: The environmental studies minor consists of 25 semester hours including a 13 hour core and 12 hours of electives.

A. The core of the curriculum is founded on the selection of one of the following courses intended to provide an overview of the environmental field: ENV 280, PH 280, CHEM 280, GEOG 280, GEOL 280. These courses present a common body of basic environmental science and its applications but with different emphases, allowing a student to select that which most closely parallels his/her individual interests.The selected course should be taken during the fall semester of the second year and no later than the fall semester of the third year.

B. The following course illuminates the relationship of environmental issues to social science: ECON 202.

C. The capstone of the program is the senior environmental seminar to be taken in the spring semester of the final year. The senior seminar will be offered on a rotating basis by the several departments of Ogden College participating in the minor program. The course is cross-listed in each of those departments course listings as number 486.

D. The remainder of the core consists of these courses: ENV 495 and ENV 460. These courses should be taken during the final year of the minor. All students pursuing the environmental studies minor must complete at least three semester hours of chemistry with a separate laboratory course. The remaining hours of the minor are to be selected from the list of courses identified from the offerings of the several science departments. The specific courses to be taken will be determined after consultation with one of the environmental studies minor advisors. A sufficient number of offerings has been identified to allow the selection of a sequence which corresponds closely to the students interests.

Elective courses (selected from courses outside of the major department) 12-14 hours:

Department of Agriculture [AGRO 350 (4 hours); AGRO 454 (3 hours)]; Department of Biology [BIOL 315 (4 hours); BIOL 207/208 (3 hours & 1 hour lab); BIOL 420 (3 hours); BIOL 472 (4 hours)]; Department of Chemistry [CHEM 314 (5 hours); CHEM 330 (5 hours); CHEM 432 (3 hours)]; Department of Geography and Geology [GEOG 100 (3 hours); GEOL 102 or GEOL 111 (3 hours) with lab GEOL 113 (1 hour); GEOG 121 (3 hours); GEOG 328 (3 hours); GEOL415 (3 hours); GEOL 310)]; Department of Public Health [PH 384 (3 hours); ENV 360 (3 hours) ENV 410 (3 hours); ENV 480 (3 hours) ENV 360 (3 hours).


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