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New Minor in Computer Animation in Department of Art

  • Author: Friday, September 8th, 2017
New Minor in Computer Animation in Department of Art

The Department of Art is proud to announce the new Minor in Computer Animation. Courses enable students to gain mastery of 3D computer animation skills applicable to a diverse set of experimental approaches to the art of computer animation. The program provides time to grow student portfolios then ultimately prepare for graduate school or contemporary art practice as an independent artist as well as for careers in the creative technological fields such as computer animation/graphics, film, television, videography, multi-media design. Registration in the program opens in Spring 2018

The establishment of this minor advances our mission: The WKU Department of Art offers paths to explore, experience, and expand the possibilities of artistic expression, an indispensable part of human society.

Please visit Art in Motion to view the animation samples that our students have produced.


Program of Study

  • This minor requires 21 semester hours.
  • ART 244 Computer Animation I, the introductory course initiating students to the creative possibilities of 3D computer animation platform, does not require prerequisites.

Introductory Course (choose one)                                3 Credit Hours

____ ART 130 2-D Design 3.0 hrs

____ ART 131 3-D Design 3.0 hrs

____ ART 140 Drawing 3.0 hrs

Required Courses (choose four)                                  12 Credit Hours

____ ART 243 Digital Media 3.0 hrs

____ ART 244 Computer Animation I 3.0 hrs

____ ART 344 Computer Animation II 3.0 hrs

____ ART 444 Computer Animation III 3.0 hrs

Restricted Electives Courses (choose two)                    6 Credit Hours

____ ART 373 Installation Art 3.0 hrs

____ ART 390 Contemporary Art 3.0 hrs

____ ART 436 Electronic Illustration 3.0 hrs

____ BCOM 264 Digital Video Production and Distribution

____ BCOM 378 Film Animation

____ FILM 201 Introduction to the Cinema [Colonnade E-AH | AH]

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