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The Graduate School - Prospective Students FAQ

These are some common questions that have been asked of the Graduate School.  If you have other questions, please contact us!


Do graduate students qualify for the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)?
The Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) is only available to undergraduate students.  Graduate students are not eligible for TIP.
How do I apply to be a non-degree seeking student?
Please see the non-degree seeking student application directions.
How do I apply to be a degree seeking student?
Please see the degree seeking student application directions.
How do I reapply to, or change programs?
To reapply you must submit a new application seeking admission into the new program. To be considered, you must fulfill any additional program requirements.
How do I check my application status?
Please view the Graduate Application Status page.
Can I mail my graduate application to WKU?
No. The Graduate School cannot accept paper applications. You may, however, apply online. Payment can be made by credit card, check, or money order.
Can I defer my admission?
Domestic students may defer their admission by contacting the Graduate School to change their term of enrollment. International students must submit a new application for the new term, as well as updated financial documents, in order to create a new I-20 form.
How do I apply for the International scholarship?
The University automatically awards a scholarship to qualifying full-time, non-resident, international students.  You can find more information about the international scholarship on the financial resources page.
How do I qualify for Kentucky residency?
Please visit the WKU Residency Information for Graduate Students page.
Why do I need a graduate advisor?
Every degree-seeking student is assigned to an advisor. The advisor should be the most important person in the course of your graduate study. Your advisor will work with you in developing a program of study (graduate degree program). The graduate advisor will assist you in the selection of your graduate committee for direction and guidance during thesis writing if you choose the thesis option. You should work closely with your advisor while in graduate school at WKU.
How does WKU convert quarter hours to semester hours?
WKU multiplies the quarter hour by 0.67 to get the semester hour.  For example, if you have earned six quarter hours, they will be converted to four semester hours.

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 Last Modified 1/9/18